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Joulax's jewelry pieces truly embody elegance and sophistication. I bought a paperclip necklace from their 18k plated collection to celebrate my sister's birthday, she loves it!

Jennifer L
Hong Kong

I love how Joulax combines luxury looks with a sense of mindfulness. Wearing their jewelry brings a sense of balance and joy to my day. I will prepare the next order to my mother for her birthday next. Thank you team!


I'm the happiest when I received the rings. The seller answers all my questions via email. I did receive the pieces right before my party! I absolutely fall in love with their packaging. I'm now wearing it for like 2 months now, no color fading at all !


Beautiful piece, exactly as pictured, I love how they really take care of the packaging and make sure the piece arrive on time. Simply happy to discover this shop. Great value!

Zoe K

I saw their ads this bracelet is what I have been looking for since last year. Glad I got it finally for such a great price. Really nice copper base and gold finish, loving the color and texture! Thank you!


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